Mobile showroom


Mobile showroom in Minneola, FL

We offer a shop-at-home service from our convenient mobile showroom
We let our Lake & Orange County Florida customers consider their flooring choices right at home with our mobile showroom before making a final decision.

Mark's Floors created their mobile showroom because they know that most people will probably think of shop-at-home services as shopping online from the catalog of some Internet store. You might think about sitting before your computer screen, trying to make important decisions about which flooring product is the right one for you by merely looking at a picture.

We also know that many Mark's Floors customers want to see their flooring product options in person before making a purchase decision. That's why Mark's Floors conceived and implemented our one of a kind shop-at-home mobile showroom.

Our new mobile showroom saves customers time & money

Consider this: A mobile showroom is exactly what it sounds like, a showroom on wheels! We assembled an assortment of all the best samples and floor models you would see in our showrooms and loaded them up to arrive at to your front door. You'll avoid wasting your precious time, traffic jams, crowds and parking hassles. That's what Mark's Floors calls real customer convenience.



We're here to help

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Our mobile showroom benefits include:

  • Convenience – Nothing could be easier than shopping without having to leave your home.
  • Assistance - Every mobile showroom visit has one of our experienced flooring professionals there to answer any and all questions that you have.
  • Certainty – You will know exactly what you're looking at and what it will cost before you decide to actually make a purchase.
  • Choice - Our mobile showroom contains samples of our best products, to permit you to select the ones you want from the highest quality materials currently available in Lake or Orange counties.

Even though our mobile showroom does feature samples of our most popular products, there are size limitations in the vehicle. If there's a particular product that interests you, let us know up front so we can be sure to include it among the products that we bring to your home.